MDC Logo RED with Ultimate RGBA huge thanks to Martin Cohen of MDC Stirrups joining Lynn Symansky Equestrian as a sponsor. Lynn first started using MDC after her leg injury when she could not flex her ankle and needed extra support. She tried several different brands but the MDCs were miraculous, and thanks to MDC's support she will only be using MDC Stirrups from now on.

"I first used MDC stirrups when I needed to get back to competition quickly after I injured my leg from a fall on cross country. I could not flex my ankle, had very little stability, and needed extra support to be able to balance. I tried several different brands, but the MDCs were miraculous. I could position the stirrup exactly where I needed it, the extra width of the stirrup bar gave me extra support, and the traction was perfect. I will be wearing MDC stirrups from now on, and could have possibly prevented my fall in the first place if I had been wearing them." - Lynn