The Chronicle of the Horse Blog: Nothing Runs Like A Deer

Lynn081914FrontI bought Donner six years ago. He was 5, and I was retiring my previous four-star horse to the lower levels. I initially got Donner as a project.

He was a beautiful stamp of a horse, had a good canter and a good enough jump. He was wild, but the price was right so I figured I'd take the chance. Either he would turn out to be something for me in the future, or I'd put some work into him and sell him on if he didn’t turn out to be an upper level horse.

I definitely didn’t know he’d turn into the horse I have today. He was a good athlete and showed a lot of promise, but he was rather flighty and spooky—Donner is aptly nicknamed “the deer.” Some horses are the type that can fit into several disciplines, but Donner never seemed to fit perfectly into any one mold.

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LSE Welcomes Zandona as New Sponsor

Zandona logoLynn is excited to welcome Zandona to the LSE Team of Sponsors. "I have been using Zandona boots for several months now, and can truly say they are a great product. They are extremely well crafted, do a great job protecting my horses and they jump really well in them. Thanks to Zandona for the support." Interested in learning more about Zandona boots? Contact Walsh Products and look out for Lynn's horses wearing Zandona in the show jumping ring.

Lynn on Fox News

10523136 680317412057236 196453590934477634 nLynn as well as several other members of the World Equestrian Games US Team were on FOX News DC to promote the WEG Prep event at Great Meadow as well as the WEG in August. Watch the replays of Lynn's segments below on the Fox News website.

Here is Lynn doing a bit of dressage and show jumping with Alton Quanbeck's Osborne 9. and helping teach news anchor Holly Morris how to ride:


USEF Names 2014 Eventing High Performance Summer/Fall Training Lists

Lexington, Ky. - The USEF Eventing High Performance Committee has approved the following High Performance Summer/Fall Training Lists for the 2014 season. The following riders will participate in Training Sessions with U.S. Eventing Team Coach David O'Connor. Training Session dates and locations will be announced at a later date.

To learn more about the Squad for the Land Rover U.S. Eventing Team for the 2014 Alltech FEI World Equestrian Games and alternates to the Squad click here.

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MDC Stirrups Joins LSE Team

MDC Logo RED with Ultimate RGBA huge thanks to Martin Cohen of MDC Stirrups joining Lynn Symansky Equestrian as a sponsor. Lynn first started using MDC after her leg injury when she could not flex her ankle and needed extra support. She tried several different brands but the MDCs were miraculous, and thanks to MDC's support she will only be using MDC Stirrups from now on.

"I first used MDC stirrups when I needed to get back to competition quickly after I injured my leg from a fall on cross country. I could not flex my ankle, had very little stability, and needed extra support to be able to balance. I tried several different brands, but the MDCs were miraculous. I could position the stirrup exactly where I needed it, the extra width of the stirrup bar gave me extra support, and the traction was perfect. I will be wearing MDC stirrups from now on, and could have possibly prevented my fall in the first place if I had been wearing them." - Lynn