Donner Named The Chronicle of the Horse Eventing Horse of the Year

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Donner has been named The Chronicle of the Horse's 2013 Eventing Horse of the Year - such a tremendous honor and everyone at Team LSE is grateful for the support. There is a great article in this week's issue about Donner including a super quote from David O'Connor "You learn a lot from horses that aren't the easiest. Lynn's got great patience and skill. She gave Donner the time when he needed it. Now she can really press on. Lynn has been a really underrated rider for a long time. This is a horsewoman who makes her own horses."

Be sure and pick up a copy of The Chronicle to read the full article!

Donner Voted Eventing Nation Horse of the Year

Golden-ChinchillaThanks to all of the wonderful Deer fans, Donner has been voted the 2013 Eventing Nation Horse of the Year! Be sure and head over to Eventing Nation to Read the full article.

(Left: Lynn accepts Donner's Golden Chincilla on his behalf)

From Eventing Nation:

The votes have been tallied, and we’re ready to name the 2013 EN Horse and Rider of the Year!The polls were incredibly close, with just seven votes deciding Rider of the Year and 28 votes deciding Horse of the Year. Many thanks to all 3,500 EN readers who voted in the polls this week. First, I have to congratulate all our nominees for Rider of the Year — Hawley Bennett-Awad, Jan Byyny, Buck Davidson, Meghan O’Donoghue and Lynn Symansky — and our nominees for Horse of the Year — Balleynoe Castle RM, RF Demeter, Donner, Gin & Juice and R-Star.

So without further ado, EN readers voted Hawley Bennett-Awad as the 2013 EN Rider of the Year and Donner as the 2013 EN Horse of the Year! Both Hawley and Donner will receive the coveted Golden Chinchilla award in honor of their hard work and incredible performances during the 2013 season. And, of course, we have to give a special shout out to their partners who made it all possible, and who were also nominated in their respective categories. Congrats to Lynn Symansky and Gin & Juice on a fantastic season!

The Chronicle of the Horse Blog: Why Waste Winter?

Lynn Symansky makes the most of the off season.


While some people detest the off season or quiet work, I really love it. My goal is that every horse I have coming back into work after vacation from a long season or big three-day comes back stronger and more mature than before. In my training, I use this time to stay away from physically strenuous training and instead focus on filling in holes. To someone who hasn’t experimented with the progression of bringing horses back into full work after a long season, or hasn’t ever had to do any rehab work, the time in the saddle can be mind-numbing, and the time until they are back competing can feel like an eternity. But this time, used wisely, can produce a horse that is stronger, better trained, and more mature than ever before.

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Lynn and Donner Named to the 2014 Eventing High Performance Winter/Spring Training List

Lexington, KY – The USEF Eventing High Performance Committee has approved the following High Performance Winter/Spring Training Lists for the 2014 season. The following riders will participate in Training Sessions with U.S. Eventing Team Coach David O’Connor. Training Session dates and locations will be announced at a later date.

Global Talent
Combinations that currently possess the ability to win anywhere in the world.

Phillip Dutton (West Grove, PA) and the Mr. Medicott Syndicate's Mr. Medicott
Mr. Medicott is a 1999 Irish Sport Horse

World Class
Combinations that currently possess the ability to be competitive anywhere in the world. 

Tiana Coudray (Ojai, CA) and Jatial Inc.’s Ringwood Magister
Ringwood Magister is a 2001 Irish Sport Horse gelding

Buck Davidson (Unionville, PA) on Cassandra Segal's Ballynoe Castle RM
Ballynoe Castle RM is a 2000 Irish Thoroughbred gelding

Buck Davidson (Ocala, FL) and Carl and Cassandra Segal’s Park Trader
Park Trader is a 2002 Irish Thoroughbred gelding

Will Faudree (Hoffman, NC) and Jennifer Mosing’s Andromaque
Andromaque is a 2001 Irish Thoroughbred mare

Sinead Halpin (Oldwick, NJ) and Manoir De Carneville Syndicate’s  Manoir de Carneville
Manoir de Carneville is a 2000 Selle Francais gelding

Marilyn Little (Frederick, MD) and Raylyn Farms and Team Demeter’s RF Demeter
RF Demeter is a 2002 Oldenburg mare

Clark Montgomery (Wiltshire, UK) and Jessica Montgomery, Kathryn Kraft, and Holly and William Becker’s Loughan Glen
Loughan Glen is a 2003 Irish Sport Horse gelding

Clark Montgomery (Wiltshire, UK) and Jessica Montgomery, Carole Montgomery, Janet Higgins, and Elizabeth Smith’s Universe
Universe is a 2001 Dutch Warmblood gelding

Meghan O’Donoghue (Carbondale, IL) and her own Pirate
Pirate is a 2002 Thoroughbred gelding

Lynn Symansky (Middleburg, VA) and her own Donner
Donner is a 2003 Thoroughbred gelding