Fergus is a 1993 16.3h OTTB and Lynn's long-time partner. Lynn got Fergus as a five year old when she was just 14. They learned the ropes together, and climbed from Novice to Advanced in four years.

Fergus and Lynn spent 8 years at the Advanced level together and formed an amazing partnership. Fergus is notorious for being one of the best cross country horses in the nation. Some accomplishments include top 20 Rolex CCI**** 2008 and 2009, best conditioned horse Rolex 2009, 13th Morven Park HT Advanced, 5th Seneca HT Advanced, 3rd Rocking Horse OI, 7th Rocking Horse Advanced, 4th Poplar Place HT Advanced, 7th Fair Hill HT Advanced, 2nd Plantation HT Advanced, 1st Virginia HT OI. Lynn learned an incredible amount from Fergus, notably patience, more patience, and how to jump around some of the biggest tracks in the world.

Fergus hates baths. His hobbies include smelling poo, rolling in mud, pushing people around, and pretty mares.